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Some of my favorite places and resources on the internet for tabletop sports and text-based PC sports gaming. Full disclosure: None of these sites paid to be placed here. I just put them here because they genuinely bring value to my experiences in this genre.
Delphi Tabletop Sports Forum My favorite community to talk about tabletop sports and text-based sports PC gaming. Keith Higdon does a wonderful job with this forum, and you won't find a more welcoming and inclusive community anywhere on the internet. There are other great forums here as well, such as The Penalty Box.
Tabletop-Sports Another phenomenal community resource with message boards, and (sometimes) a download section where you can find plenty of free games or additional teams, leagues, or utilities to make your gaming experience even better. Downey Games has a strong presence there for their great line of games.
Strategic Baseball Simulator The game that first inspired me to start making free text-based sports simulations. It's completely free and has dozens of years' worth of teams and leagues. It has just enough customization (if you are technically sound) and detail to check most people's boxes for a great free game.
b1231 Simulation Games A simple, web-based collection of free sports games that focus squarely on recruitment/drafting/management. There are no real teams or players, but there's still quite the rush in trying to put together a championship winning team against all odds in one of over a half-dozen different sports.
Sports Replays Yet another phenomenal resource for game/team/league downloads across a variety of sports. Some are available for purchase, but in other cases there are free downloads and links to other games and resources, making this a fine tapestry of information for our genre.
Tabletop Sports Subreddit This is a new community I set up within reddit, as there was no such community there before. Largely inactive, this is still a place where people can go to ask questions, post about new games, and hopefully attract some outside interest from people just learning about our genre.