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XEG Studios      XEG Hockey

Have teams or leagues that you've created? Send them in, and I'll put them on the site.

All files are zipped, and MUST be extracted prior to use.

Game Files Type Size Date Modified Created By
XEG Hockey 4.0 zip 28.0MB 12/28/2022 XEG
XEG Hockey 3.1 zip 27.2MB 11/28/2021 XEG
Team/League Files Type Size Date Modified Created By
CCHL Season 6 (with logos) zip 326KB 12/28/2022 XEG
NHL 1963-1964 Season zip 4KB 6/26/2022 Rick
NHL 2021-2022 Season zip 20KB 5/29/2022
CCHL Season 5 (with logos) zip 388KB 11/28/2021 XEG
1985 Ice Hockey World Championship Pool C zip 11KB 11/28/2021 Bayonetta
NHL 2018-2019 Season zip 20KB 5/09/2019
NHL 2017-2018 Season zip 20KB 10/05/2018
NHL 2016-2017 Season zip 20KB 5/23/2017
NHL 1972-1973 Season zip 9KB 10/10/2018 Wilco D